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Frequently Asked Questions

Is paying for promotion & marketing campaigns worth it?

All top musicians globally are paying a lot of money for their music to be known, heard and treasured. This is why you know them. You saw and heard them somewhere first, right? You might have seen them on TV, radio, flyers, social media sponsored posts, etc. All those mediums are requiring money so they obviously paid for you to see them. Next question?!

Is making quality music going to make me known?

Not really. Music is music. Remember when AmaPiano trend started? Most songs had very low quality. For example, the famous song “John Vuli Gate” was rejected by urban radio stations because of its low quality. After the song trended on social media, it was then accepted everywhere even on TV playlisting. So you can make the best highest quality music or the worst quality music but it does not guarantee that you will be known in the industry. How your song is promoted and received in public says it all. The market (audience) are the ones dictating your success in the music industry, they are your gatekeepers. Without people, you are nothing no matter how good or bad you think your song sounds.

Why I do not have a lot of followers and fans in my music career?

Because you are not allowing your potential followers and fans to receive your content. If you are not active on social media and not doing marketing for people to hear your music, how on Earth are you going to get people to follow you and become your fans? Let’s be serious. You can’t just keep quiet and not be highly active on social media but expect people to follow you and become your fans. People need a reason to follow you. Stop acting like you are famous by not posting online and not sharing everything.