Kwezi Tawny Dropped Another Hit-Song & Left Hints That He Is A Ghostwriter For Most SA Artists

Today we are going to cover someone who is bringing the buzz at the moment in Mzansi. His stage name is Kwezi Tawny. Kwezi, real name Tonheyi Lovemore is a 23-year-old musician who is aspiring to have Grammy awards on his hands one day for doing what he is enjoying to do – music.

What Is Your Motive With Your Talents?

“I have been surviving on songwriting for 8 years now as I have been selling lyrics to some artists whose names require proper confidentiality.” – Kwezi

Hearing that was a very surprising thing to hear. Although, it was a very helpful thing to hear because it shows one of his many talents.

So How Is Writing Songs Contributing To Your Music Career?

“After realising that I could actually write hit songs, that’s when I actually decided to pursue music as an artist. Yes, I am still in the songwriting industry for a bit longer. I write music according to what I see in the society like our everyday experiences, how I feel and also how some people talk to me – fascinating conversations! I actually decided to put in black and white and released my own song called Booze.” – Kwezi

Tell Us About The Song

Well, it is mainly based on two common facts in the Mjolo industry. Firstly, a person might act as if he or she likes you only because he or she needs to get tipsy or intoxicated while using your money. Secondly, mainly people cheat on their partners under that influence of substance. Substance abuse is still a global problem, as we are all aware.

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