Xola Musiq’s Touching Storyline On His Latest Song

This song is a movie. Unjabulo is the song about a letter written to a women who left while she was still pregnant because of normal relationship argument/conflict with their partner. This turned from small to a big thing which has led to being a huge grudge in the relationship.

A father has been writing letters in hopes of reaching out to the partner as he has so much love for his son, but never got any response. Xola Musiq is a messenger to Njabulo’s mom through music – this song, and obviously also a messenger to everyone who relates to this as this is one of the social issues we have the most in our normal society. Most kids are raised by single parent-mothers to a point whereby the fathers are not allowed to see their kids due to the possible occurred conflict.

This is what is happening to the plot of this song. Xola Musiq have gathered his genius levels with his talent to express this storyline that is even based on true story through a song. Going back to the story, Unjabulo is a name the father wanted to name his son, but unfortunately he never met him at all. Even today, the father is still wondering how his son is actually looking like and how he is his well-being with his personality.


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