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Stones & Bones Turned 10 Years As Duo DJs

The self-proclaimed Afro House Ambassadors, Stone & Bones, who once made a rare vibe of performing for people in Pretoria, Saulsville, Mshongoville which is a location of Squatter Camps.

Stones & Bones at Saulsville, Mshongoville

They are busy touring around the world performing at beach parties, clubs, etc. They basically put the fun in every single location given that they could entertain Mshongoville crowd in a clustered & unusual place with their unique music which is not usually played in that particular area. They have a sound that you cannot even deny listening even if you never had it in your music playlist. You can even check out their recent song for free, “Endlini” right HERE.

Stones & Bones 10 Years Ago vs. Now

They also posted a #10YearsChallenge on Instagram celebrating that they have been fully being in music industry as a duo for straight 10 years which shows a great relationship and communication along, remarkable! They contribute to unity representation because they are from different races, African & White. It’s rare to find something like this in South Africa. They are simply amazing.