Top 3 SAMP Instagram Weekly Songs

The following songs has been chosen from @SAMusicPromo Instagram page following the criteria from people’s views and opinions plus also got a chance to be scheduled to be playlisted on Tshwane FM, 93.6:

3. “Love” by Nash

– He also released the music video of the song which reached 1 000 views within a week portraying that love is blind by showing all different types of people, genders, races, ages and everyone rejoicing love. It has a special message for each and every one of us as humans because we need to love each other in order to work things out in life and survive in mostly everything. Nash is holding that message in a nutshell.

– Play: “Love” (Music Video) by Nash

Instagram: @Nash_RSA

2. “Six O’clock” by May

– Since we are still in the month of Love, he is basically enjoying love and emphasizes how good he can treat a woman and how good he is with handling women. Also, he recently released a set on SoundCloud titled “Blame Me Too”.

– Play: “Six O’clock” (audio) by May

Instagram: @ChrismasInMay

1. “Late Shift” by Lowkey

– He is talking about how he cannot have all the time for the girl but doing every best he can when he gets the time because he is working on Late Shift as a title of a song which basically metaphorically explaining how busy he is hustling instead of wasting time on a girl even though he loves them. Last year, he dropped IKS mixtape which was doubted at first but eventually reached its peaked with people finding out his new level of sound and started to do very good in numbers on his SoundCloud. He is such a versatile music creator in general.

– Play: “Late Shift” (audio) by Lowkey

Instagram: @Lowkey_RSA

Summary for all:

They all revolve about the “love” concept since it’s still the month of love, February.

SA Music Promo is not biased and do not condone favouritism due to promotions made. We promote every single music creator in South Africa equally and fair regardless on the level you are on.

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