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Jay Beat On The Takeover

Jay Beat, a rapper who is set to reach his highest peak this year and takeover, literally dropped a song titled “TakeOver”.

Jay Beat, originally from Durban South Africa moved in 2014 to Johannesburg after graduating from the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal with an engineering degree. Employed in the manufacturing industry, the sole purpose of his decision to work in Johannesburg was to position himself to launch his self-funded rap career. In his bonus track Strength, Jay Beat highlights his frustrations of being working a 9-5 like everybody else while his true dream is to be a full-time artist. Now in 2019 , after years of moulding his craft and sound , he is ready to take the rap game to whole new level.

Instagram: @JayBeat_ZA

South African rising and independent rapper, Jay Beat, announced the release of RISE (EP) his first official musical project. He describes it as an energetic, new sound, authentic and creative musical roller coaster. The songs show off his skilful ability in storytelling, the hype energy generated from his rap technique and creative production from producer NiceyBeatz.

The release date for the EP is 30 April 2019 (Jay Beat Music 2019). The first single Takeover was released In February 19’.

Described as one of the most energetic songs in his EP , Takeover is nothing short of a statement , depicting Jay Beats come up into the rap industry. In his own words , “ Takeover just makes sense to be single that introduces me as an artist and my EP “. Jay Beat’s music is about inspiration to young people to be their best selves through out the circumstances and challenges of life. His secret is write about real topics that either himself or people around him have personally been through. Jay Beat believes when music is based on reality people connect with it and feed of that energy positively.

In 2019, Jay Beat will release his first project, named ” RISE “. This EP speaks through his journey of self-belief, self confidence and personal growth to his early successes and growing ambitions in life. The message based on real events or occurrences in his life are inspirational to the youth and his sound can be celebrated with dance , and for meaningful songs , the story telling will have his listeners in a deep state of thought and meditation.

The EP has 7 songs with a musical Introduction and Bonus track/ It is expected to land hard in South Africa demonstrating Jay Beats ability on the mic , versatility and straight out talent. This young man with unique flow and sound is set to set the streets on Fire.

“TakeOver” by Jay Beat: