Mgaga Is Winning With Kwaito Music

Mgaga, a very versatile Kwaito musician brought all the memories of how authentic South African Kwaito is.

Source: Instagram: @The_Mgaga

He recently released the anticipated music video of his hit-song, “All The Way” featuring AugustChild & Sizwe which is already doing good on YouTube in numbers. The music video portrays the enjoyment, happiness & celebration which is always fulfilled in Kwaito music.

Source: Instagram: @The_Mgaga

He has been doing radio tour lately and proving that Kwaito music is not yet dead. It’s very rare to find such success in Kwaito uprising stars since many people think Kwaito is no longer doing the most. However, people like him are into the modernized and upgraded Kwaito hence he is doing very well so far with what he does.

“All The Way” by Mgaga: