Moment Empire Literally Triumphs In Duo

Moment Empire, a rap-duo, is on a winning streak with their anticipated music video.

Source: Instagram: @Moment_Empire

Their song, “All The Way” has reached over 100,000 plays on SoundCloud. It was a great hit and most loved song from them so far. Obviously, the numbers were telling that the song is now ready for a music video. It was in demand so they have done the justice. The music video is now out and is already doing good in numbers on YouTube too. Everything on the music video is as good as expected as the song was also a hit-song.

Source: Instagram: @Moment_Empire

The music video was shot in a beautiful sunset nearby the beach which is parallel to the meaning behind the song. With the efforts and hard work put together, it’s expected to be televised on music TV shows.

Source: “All The Way” music video

“All The Way” by Moment Empire: