OHB Is About To Dig Into SA Hip Hop

OHB, a rapper from Eastern Cape, Cala is about to storm the music industry in 2019 with his passion he has for music.

He recently moved to Johannesburg due to work related stuff but he also found an opportunity to make a promising hit-song, “Middle Of Nowhere” which is his first song but doesn’t sound like it since it’s much more powerful and beyond everyone’s first song expectations. Doing so, it has proved that there’s hope in his music.

Instagram: @OHBS.A

On the 1st of March, 2019, he was spotted doing an interview at a local radio station called Stool FM, which was also his very first interview. He is definitely awake and trying by all means for the world to see his unleashed potential in the music industry of South Africa.

“Middle Of Nowhere” by OHB: