Khali Making Kasi Trap A Trend Again

Khali, a 22 year old rapper from Katlehong is giving us that Kasi Trap sound & making it a trend again with his new song, “Gcwala“.

Source: Instagram: @KhaliRSA

He is studying under Education at the University of Johannesburg to become a Teacher as part of his aspirations.

This music field gave him a platform in coming up with a powerful concept which it is believed it might change you as a listener to thinking differently about your goals and what you are trying to achieve. He is yet to release a 13 tracks project titled “Free The Next Day“, featuring Soweto Finesse Duo Mad On Dough and other supporting acts namely CheckmateSA and Rizz. Free The Next Day was inspired by the daily living of how they grew up in the Kasi, how they live up to changing their situation and having a better tomorrow. He said, “The leading single of the Project is ‘Tomorrow‘ (single available on SoundCloud, the video available on YouTube). Tomorrow was later inspired and listed as the most powerful song which it led to Daily sun having to write a story about how I grew up in the township of Katlehong. Video then got the high rotations on MTV Base which I saw a start of my career from then. Free The Next Day has another single coming out titled “Gcwala” featuring Chocco Global, one of the Mad On Dough Duo and Checkmate SA. It was inspired by how we grew up in different regions of South Africa and how we set to make changes in our Lives as South African artists. We all grew up from different regions of South Africa and we all had an interesting story to tell about where and how we grew up. As South African black boys we mostly been to a situation of always living to show off what we can do. That has always been the ticket to girls.”

The song is the best Identification of every South African Black Boy and it sets them apart from every song that came out by being original, yet a perfect definition of the South African Kwaito culture. It is believed that the song is the best competition South African industry has been looking for, and this can set the bar high in changing how all the hustlers see their way into making it in their dreams. They have just shot visuals for Gcwala which they will be out month end with the production from Brandon K Klaas, directed by Lemogang Mokwele

Behind the scenes sneak peaks of the music video of Gcwala:

“Gcwala” by Khali featuring Chocco & CheckMateSA: