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Mjozi Molete Is Bringing The Storm Of Deep House Music Again

Teboho Molete, also known as Mjozi Molete who is currently based in Bloemfontein had a passion for music in the late 2000s but started producing in 2016. He is mostly known for killer deep house mixtapes, “EOH” (Excitement Of House).

“The upcoming EP, Fear Of Music came from the fact that my close friend told me my music is ready to be heard by larger crowd but I was afraid to release my music because I thought my songs sounds unfinished”, said Mjozi Molete.

Fear Of Music EP is expected to be released very soon. The following is the track list:

1. Rendition [Intro]

2. Long Overdue [Original Mix]

3. Oracular [Rare M. Miix]

4. Melophobia [Rare M. Miix]

5. Abated Chords [Broken Rare M. miix]

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