Looking to the sky with Captain

Captain makes his own beats. The beat for look to the sky was on his laptop for 6 months before he wrote down any lyrics.

At some point he was confronted by his cousins about being afraid of who he is and what he wants to achieve, that’s when the lyrics came to him.

The lyrics took about 3 months to manifest before he met with a producer to help him with the recording. Producer Gary Arsenic at “Metalloid Labs” studio worked with him on this project.

Song: Look to the sky

Captain expresses thay this song is close to his heart because he wrote it to inspire himself to keep going and keep moving forward.

The song has had a lot of positive feedback so far. Captain hopes that he inspires the people around him and those that listen to the song to do what they believe in and not to be scared of what they might turn out to be, but rather to be excited for what they could be.