Mgaga presents Wax’tiva Lexi

Mgaga presents to us a song, “Wax’tiva Lexi” a Tsonga phrase that means “Do you know this 1”. The song alludes to the infamous line that guys commonly used in their late teens to get girls to come home with them, especially from a gathering or a party in their neighborhood within close walking distance which can be translated as “accompany me to go fetch a Jersey”.

The song is a bit playful and reminisce about the exciting olden days. Mgaga used 5 of the official South African languages, namely Tsonga, Sotho, Zulu, English and Afrikaans to bring across a picture of the present environment.

The creative music video tells a story with words. It was shot in Mamelodi, Pretoria and It details a party on the street that Mgaga lives in. He asks a girl to accompany him home to which she agrees. Things don’t go as smoothly as he hopes during the walk.


The amusing music video contains elements of creative arts, comedy and dance.