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Renzo’s Kick Game

Renzo whose real name is Lerenzo is a fashion designer, an artist and a musician. His style of music can be described as rap music. His upcoming debut mixtape incorporates an all round genre of music.

Renzo started music at the age of 12 with his father. Renzo expresses that his father already knew that he was writing rhymes and lyrics. His father went on to encourage him to try out recording in his studio. His first song was released in 2018. A lot of contemplation went into his first recording, he says, he needed to make sure he is realeasing the right music that will tell his story and resonate with others.

Renzo_kick game

His biggest influence is his father aswell as his favorite artists such as Jcole and AKA. Kick Game is Renzo’s second single. The beat for the single was inspired and developed by his cousin. Renzo explains that his family is generally a musical family. His dad has created music with Muzi Mthabela from Isibaya.

“kick game is basically if you’ve heard the song is a fun turnt experience, I made it for my age group but many others age groups  have said they enjoy it, it’s about girls and boys basically looking fresh spending money on drinks and feeling good with their shoes and accessories it was my second song so I chose a verse in the song to obviously talk about my self for more of a introduction, there’s a lot of catchy phrases and bars to just make the song memorable and the beat slaps hard.” says Renzo