Cyrus describes himself as the most intelligent artist that South  Africa has ever seen, an inspiration to the nation. He is a leader of the hip and exciting up coming crew, Super Life Gang.

Cyrus fell in love with music at 10 years old after watching and listening to the late Michael Jackson. He knew every lyrics to all Michael Jackson songs and even danced to them. During the world cup in 2010, Cyrus was experiementing with his own lyrics and writing songs inspired by Lil Wayne. Cyrus joined a crew by the name Eagle Boys in Limpopo where he wrote songs and recorded in their mini studio.

Cyrus presents the song “Pervert”. A song produced by Blurg. Cyrus expresses that before he wrote the song he looked at the world and noticed that most people are Perverts

Pervert- Cyrus ft Blurg

Cyrus further explains that after recording the song “Pervert” they noticed that the song was a master peace and that it deserved a unique video that outlines a Perverted sense

Cyrus explains that the video shoot was difficult. He explains that other scenes were perfomed at a house party and they were under the influence of alcohol. The directors of the song decided that the song had to be reshot.

‌His recent projects is “HiddenTruth_EP” which was released last year. He collaborated with Super Life Gang and its avalaible on all digital platforms. Cyrus went on to drop two videos titled “SuperMan” and “TheRealOne”.

On his upcoming projects Cyrus promises to deliver a package that he calls the triple threat where 6 hits from the whole crew, Super Life Gang ,it’s “Allalone_ep” from C-Peace, “Messiah_ep” from Crack-Line and “WhyMe_ep” by Cyrus where the song “Pervert” all drops on the 29th of June .