Ghoema Music Awards remove Steve Hofmeyr as nominee

The Afrikaans Ghoema Music Awards were forced to remove Steve Hofmeyr’s song, Die Land, from the Best Music Video Category.

This after Multichoice suggested the Ghoema organisers to distance themselves from Steve Hofmeyr. Failing that, Multichoice said they would have no other choice but to withdraw their sponsorship.

This,unfortunately, did not sit well with the Afrikaans singer or his fans. Hofmeyr took to his Facebook page and wrote that the “bodemlose kinderagtigheid woed voort.” (Translation: “The bottomless childishness continues.”) He added:

“Die kunstekaping, die blanke deel daarvan, veral. Kyk onder hoe maak Multichoice die Afrikaners by die Ghoemas spring soos poedels deur ‘n ring van politieskorrekte vuur.” (Translation: “Hi-jacking the arts, especially the white part of it. Just look at how MultiChoice is making the Afrikaners at the Ghoemas jump through a fiery ring of political correctness, like poodles.”)

In the aftermath, Hofmeyr’s fans had vowed to disrupt the Ghoema Music Awards. Several fans, including his son, said they plan to show up at the event, blasting his song as loud as they can.

On the 16th of April, Maroela media Bok Radio announced that it would, in turn, withdraw its support towards the awards ceremony. The Cape Town-based radio station said it would not stand for the “discrimination” levied against “any artist, group or language.”