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Pumi’s love for music promises a new dimension in the Music Industry

Pumi is a South African artist who has been in music for 5 years. He explains that the late Mac Miller was the beginning of his musical journey. Although he is student, he also finds time to coach and work at the gym. Pumi infers that he has various artists that inspire him and has allowed his potential to come this far.

Pumi finds inspiration from the with the brothers who’ve been in music for some time now .

Pumi spends his time listening to Local artists that are running the game. Pumi explains that it is difficult to get local records if one doesnot pay for the music. For this reason he tries to listen to underground artists.

Pumi also enjoys listening to some international sounds of Drake, Tory Lanez, Kendrick , Jcole and many more.

Pumi is a writer at heart who enjoys reading . His Music was a transition from his love for poetry. Pumi’s love for literature allowed him to be able to put words together that started to rhyme.

Pumi expresses that he wants to keep refining his lyrics and what he says on record. It has become a real benefactor in his life and his music.

Although Pumi does not have current projects he is working on yet, his music promises a whole new dimension in the South African Music Industry.