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Yung Z’s obsession for music

Yung Z has always been obsessed with music and played a few instruments in the past. People call him Z for short, this maintains a youthful and energetic energy. He started rapping last year. He draws his strength from his mentors, his father and also his best friend DJ Siphe Fassie.

The young rapper is curently woring and would be pursuin further education at UCT next year. Yung Z grew up listening to rock and blues He enjoyed music by Bob Dylan, Little Feat, Pink Floyd etc.

During his high school days, he hanged around rappers and DJ who played and listened to good music. Yung expresses that this is where his talent developed.

Yung is currently working on a new project with a producer named Pica$o.

He has has multiple producers that he had feature on his previous works, however he has rights to his own music.

He would love to perform on bigger platforms and improve on the quality of his current sound for future releases. Yung would wish to collaborate with any artist that will help diversify his style a much a possible.