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Creativity meets music with The Mornachy

One summer holiday of 2013 began the musical journey for The Mornachy. The journey started with Lil Wayne, who was the first rapper he loved listening to in grade 7. The Mornachy got rap lessons from his cousin, he taught him how to keep the flow . poetry writing and music compositions followed thereafter. Monarchy was fortunate to have a friend like Chris Micfly who convinced him that they should start a group. Using his mother’s old laptop, he managed to get some recording software and a pair of earphones to record and the rest was history. 

When SA Music Promo asked why he chose the name “The Monarchy”, he responded “I chose this name because a Monarchy is a government of Queens, Kings and other royal family members, I was a loner in life needing no one, therefore making a me a Monarchy on my own.”

Monarchy has been in music professionally for 4 years. Kendrick Lamar’s music and lifestyle has influenced him to rap. Some inspiration is drawn from his father who drove his passion for music by playing Benjamin Dube all the time. 

The Monarchy is also a creative artist that creates digital artwork for people.His focus in this regard is song/album covers or personal artwork . 

The Monarchy has a much anticipated LP mixtape coming out this August. It’s called : Since Sixteen. He worked with Dj Mkay, AGM, Swae Yung, Sam Music, Sky beats and Yusei.  He would like to collaborate with Kendrick Lamar, Shane Eagle, Shekhina, Rowlene, Ari Lennox, Billie Eilish, J. Cole and Kota the friend.

He will start letting go of Soundcloud slowly and start using major streaming services such as: Spotify, Joox, iTunes and many others. Monarchy expresses that he has some new content on his upcoming YouTube channel and that he is building a website for his fans to have easy access.