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High priesthood in Hip-hop with UBishop OmKhulu

UBishop OmKhulu, is a catchy name that makes you seat up and listen, a name that cannot be easily forgotten . The name belongs to a talented designer, musician and creative director. When asked why he chose this specific name, he explained that the name nods to the senior member of the Hip Hop clergy.

UBishop has been doing music for seven years. He drew inspiration from the crises that raised within the family . He admitted that the music journey had been difficult stating; “The music industry is not a child’s play, that’s all I can say”

UBishop OmKhulu

UBishop has several projects he is working on but with no plans to release yet. He has just released “Thas Weird mixtape.” He worked with The Program (Mic Prophecy) and Casmo Marciano

The muso would love to collaborate with Nasty C, Burner Boy & Priddy Ugly. His future plans involve releasing two music videos and have them featured on television. He would also love the world to know who UBishop OmKhulu is through a short documentary. UBishop’s ultimate favorite creator of music is Tory Lanes.