Back to Basics With LeJon B

LeJon Butcher, whose stage name is LeJon B is completely comfortable with his authentic self and chooses to use his real name as a true representation of himself. He has been doing music for about 12 years. it started with writing poetry and that eventually lead to music. “I remember hearing records from Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Lupe Fiasco, Q-Tip and others and was like i can do that. I was right, I could do it.”, says LeJon 

LeJon expresses that music is engraved in his soul. His musical journey began in the 8th grade, he had some buzz on YouTube (100k views) back in the days, he then took a break during his sophomore year of University. LeJon says that being a first generation college student was already difficult but adding music to the mix made it extremely difficult. “I couldn’t juggle both, so I chose education and paused the music. Fast forward 3 years, my boy, Conner, convinced me to drop a verse on his album and I relapsed.  Now I’m back and better than ever.”,says LeJon. 

LeJon is in love with challenging himself, traveling, health/fitness and connecting with the youth. he maintains that it is vital to him to spread the message of hope to the young generation and let them know that they can excel at anything they set their minds to. 

Late in the summer, we can expect the release of a hip-hop EP followed by his second album “Authentic Vibration 2”, which should be released at the end of 2019. The album according to LeJon is a reflection of his truth.

True and authentic album by LeJon B

This is a tough question to answer. There’s so many great artist out there. It’s difficult to pinpoint one. Although there are many great artists in the industry, LeJon states that: “My Bay Area artists would be my favorite creators of all time. I love and forever put on for my city.” Adding to that, LeJon would love to be affiliated to the many talented musicians all around the world such as Jay Ant, Vory, Snoh Aalegra, J. Cole and producers of the likes of T-Minus, da internz, Pharrell “that’s a dream collab”, says LeJon. “I just love the art and I’m open to work with anyone”, says LeJon.  His work features production by Lucid soundz, Secret Stash, Lugz Soda, Mixtape Soule, and Highlifeflo! 

2019 for LeJon has positive promises, his goal is to create a versatile catalog and build/expand his fan base. As a new upcoming indie artist, LeJon states that he is a sponge. He is trying to soak up all the knowledge and continue to learn about Himself, His creative process, His sound, His listeners, and most importantly the business. He calls this chapter “Back to Basics”.