The Captain Is On The Rise To Stardom

The Captain and got his stage name from his friends when he was in Germany in 2013. the name stuck even after he had gotten back home. His friends in the rap game call him Captain or Crispy Cream. 

The Captain has been making music for 8 years, he started playing the piano when he was 12 years old. He later got enrolled in music school and then started composing his own pieces. Germany introduced The Captain to the music scene as his host dad Paula Margenberg belonged to a band. He found inspiration to form passion for music through him.                      

Currently The Captain serves under the wing of his uncle Alistair Adams,who has been in the South African music industry for a while.The Captains advises that his uncle’s experience is really guiding him as an artist, its teaching him the fundamentals of how to create lasting connections.                            

The Captain

The music journey has been an exciting one and has brought The Captain a lot of joy. The Captain expresses that he enjoys meeting people in the industry and recording in beautiful studios. He also admits that it had been hard and quiet at times,however he still finds it enjoyable to sit in his room and make music.

The muso hopes that his journey will help others and inspire others to chase after their dreams. “As and artist I’ve also gone through a lot of changes and I feel like now I’m close to finding who I am and what I represent.”,says The Captain. Besides the music, he works for a company called Global Load Control, company that ensures that flights are safe. His hobbies include surfing and running, he also loves to write poetry.                

The captain makes his own music and records at Metalloid Labs with producer Gary Arsenic, who records vocals and masters all his songs.  The Captain hopes to get all his music available on all platforms, with the promise to debut his first music video for his first song ‘The Rise’ which is really exciting. The talented musician hopes to reach a much wider audience by getting his songs on the radio.

The captain currently has a song that he is working on with his cousin and that can be expected in August. The Captain excitedly shares his plans to start a vlog , later in June, were he will be showcasing different activities that are available in Cape Town that young people can do for a good price. He would really love to work with artists such as Nasty C, AKA, Rowlene and definitely Youngsta. He hopes that his work would reach their level and that there could be a opportunity for a collaboration. Internationally he loves Kendrick Lamar,”particularly how he moves within the industry and his mindset towards situations, especially towards making something of yourself despite your circumstances”, says Captain.

Some of his favorite artists locally include Early B, “I really think that he’s and his presence is really big and can control the crowd with his lekker vibes”, says Captain. He would also like to add that DJ Ready D is also his ultimate favorite.                                                        

The captain is considering to take a break to focus on finding himself. he would love to work on his social presence. The Captain is currently trying to perfect his time management to be able to deliver on his music and still be able to juggle the work load at work.