Make A Way For Stax Masiza

Stax Masiza is an up and coming artist aiming to score big in the hiphop game. He got the name Stax from his friend M6Beats (Mbali Sixishe) in high school. It started out as a nickname “Stax” from a joke. When he started working, he decided to add his surname to it and that’s how Stax Masiza was born.

Stax has always been a collector and lover of music. The year 2010 marks the start of his music journey. Stax states that he initially wanted to be a house music DJ until he met his good friend M6Beats whom he met at their boarding school. M6Beats inpired Stax to pick up a pen and write through his mixtapes and the music he created. The two friends started working on some music together and never stopped until today. 

Stax states that the musical journey has been full of surprises. “I feel like it actually made me get to know myself better as a person.” I’ve actually been making music since I was in high school, but I only started taking it much seriously after I matriculated. So far the road has been filled with ups and downs. But I’m just making the most out of everything, while trying to maintain a positive mindset”, says Stax.

Stax states that his mentor is his biggest friend from Johannesburg, Shaun Makwela, who is an editor for NAETO Magazine. Stax states that Shaun has experienced working with multiple people in the music industry. 

Stax is working on his EP which should be anticipated at the end of 2019. Besides music, Stax works with various clients making ads. Stax has worked with 3 producers; Cribo Beats and DJ Lava from Cape Town, and M6Beats from Johannesburg. His plan involves shooting another music video for one of the songs on the project. Stax states that he would love to relocate from Cape Town to back home in Johannesburg, where he can continue pursuing his music and dreams.

Stax would love to work with the international muso Kendrick Lamar. When it comes to local artists, Stax states that he is not super picky. His only requirement is that the person needs to be making music for the right reasons and should respect the art.

The song “My Way” was created by Stax Masiza, and M6Beats was the genius behind the instrumental. “We actually recorded it way back at the end of January at the Nash Records studio. This opportunity came when we entered their music competition for a chance to win a record deal. We came really close to winning, so they rewarded us with a 3 hour studio session, where we got to record My Way“, says Stax.

The song is currently available on various platforms such as SoundCloud, Spotify, iTunes and Deezer.

listen on to his music on this link below:

Stax is available on social media.

Instagram: @stax_masiza

Twitter: @Stax__SA

Facebook: @StaxSA

Soundcloud: Stax Masiza