Unreal Lincoln Drops Scorching 808 Fiery Modern Trap Rhythm

Unreal Lincoln is redefining the sound of melancholy with “Hate Letter”, the first single from his upcoming EP, “Bipolar”. In this single you can anticipate sluggish, heart-rending pianos, you are will be bombarded by the most haunting chords that will create excitement all year round.

Lincoln expresses that you can anticipate a tragic drum pattern, frosted by soft kicks and the coldest snares, you can expect to be lit ablaze by a scorching 808 fiery, modern trap rhythm. This entire album promises to deliver a rave-worthy onslaught of auto-tuned melodies.

Despite baring his heart on this record, this South African artist sheds no tears on “Hate Letter”. The Port Elizabeth star is vengeful, channeling his misery, contempt, heartbreak into an unyielding resolve. The sort of resolve that would inspire a mosh pit if performed for the right crowd in the right venue. Such speaks to the motivation of Lincoln’s organic display of emotion on ” Hate Letter”.

Lincoln bypasses the typical trope of “melancholic music” and opts to create something that accurately reflects his personal woe. That sort of ingenuity and appreciation for the power of music will make “Bipolar” worth while when it drops; Unreal Lincoln is an international talent to keep in mind. Brace yourselves and listen in.

SoundCloud link: https://soundcloud.com/unreal-lincoln/unreal-lincoln-hate-letter