RX Releases Faith In Time EP

RX, whose name is originally short for Riddles X has been in the music game for over 10 years, but had only began recording professionally for 7 years. 

RX is super focused on his music at the moment. He describes his music journey as a learning arena where he has learned and taught a lot. RX draws inspiration from his mentor King Koko. He has just released a project called Faith In Time, an 8 track EP, which was produced by MAD ENTERTAINMENT. RX is looking forward to putting out more of his music by the end of this year. 

RX- Faith In Time available on all digital platforms

RX enjoys the creative work of Jay Z and Burna Boy. He would love to collaborate with some of the major artists making waves such as AKA, NASTY C, TORY LANEZ, TEKNO AND KANYE WEST .  

RX would love to reach out to people and hopefully encourage them through his music. He would love to perfect his craft whilst learning new and creative ways of doing music and to also remain relevant in the industry and grow his fan base.