Young Swae’s Talent Promises A Change In The Rap Game

YoungSwae_sa is an up and coming artist from Mpumalanga but he’s currently situated in Pretoria. He gained an interest in Music at an early age of 7 when he was taught how to play the keyboard and 7 years later he got behind the mic and started rapping.

He started off in a group of 3 members in 2014 but the group broke up and he was the only who continued pursuing a music career and in 2017 he released his first single “All I Know” which landed him a feature on a Mpumalanga based blogging page( and it aired on VenRap Radio Station.


YoungSwae feels like the Mpumalanga rap scene isn’t taken seriously and he wants to evoke some change in that because Mpumalanga has a lot of talent. 

YoungSwae has released a song called “Get The Bag” in early January this year and with this song he says “This is going to be a stepping stone for me into the Music Industry because i know that after this song, it’s going to be hits only and doors are going to open”. 

YoungSwae is currently working on a song titled “PRESSURE” which is expected to drop anytime soon so be on the lookout.
In the meantime “Get The Bag” is currently available on platforms such as SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and Many more.

Listen on to his latest Get The Bag here:

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