Here’s How Much Cruz Afrika Charge For A Feature

Cruz Afrika shares his fees

Every fan and possible employer would die to know how much their favorite artist charge per feature. Cruz Afrika decided to publicly share how much he charges for a feature.

An upcoming star who announced that he is working on an EP requested Cruz Afrika on twitter to be part of it as a feature on a song or two. Cruz Afrika referred him to an email he can use to send requests, and made clear how much he expects for the effort he will put up as a feature.

Cruz is currently pushing his own hustle on his own path, having released an album Godly the rapper has been getting it out there to reach a broader audience even made videos to accompany it. Recently he announced that he will be dropping a documentary based on his journey in music titled Be Inspired.

Cruz has single handedly occupied a position of his own in the industry. Right now it’s fair to say that he is still affordable, the rapper costs R5000 for a feature.

Send your request to : but it will cost 5k for a feature.— Cruz Afrika (@IamCruzAfrika) July 8, 2019