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C-Peace Presents a Spectacular EP, “All Alone”

SA Music Promo is proud to bring C-Peace’s new EP titled “All Alone”.

On “All Alone”, C Pearce weaves a story deep within his heart of struggle through love, faith and strength across 6 epic tracks.

This song was inspired by the single malt Scotch Whisky Macallan. C Peace explains that him and his friend King Klip were day dreaming that they were sipping on it. 

Mama R.I.P  This moving song exposes how he deeply feels inside. C Peace expresses how he misses his mother and how hard life has been without her.

Stuck in the Mood 
This song paints a picture of how C Peace started his musical journey, knowing that this is what his mom would have wanted. Mystik helped with the hook 

Role play 
This song serves a warning to the players of the game that the Super Life Gang is silently taking charge of the rap game. Blurg_sa came through on the hook 

Jeso Weh 
C Peace expresses that he looked into the world and noticed that there’s a lot of pretty girls and most of them seem lost, he then decided to call unto the Lord to save them for they do not know what they are doing. 

3am All Alone 
The title of the song simply outlines all the mixed emotions he goes through every morning while most are still asleep. 

This spectacular EP is available on major digital platforms.