Cape Town’s MC Branco is proud to announce the release of the new single title ICY

Branco has dropped a banging hit. ICY can be described as a brief and relatable back story that can serve as a warning. The track is fiery, somewhat cold as well, it is aggressive but yet inspectional and, mostly motivational. The fiery single is to a certain extent a love song from father to daughter. This is the kind of track that you would play in the beginning of your day. It can serve as a daily boost and it is quite addictive.

Branco is an innovative musician and song writer from Cape Town who’s love for poetry, rhyme and rhythm is translated through his craft. Branco is not signed to a record label and is often quoted saying “come rain or thunder, I’ll burn that fire.”  This is a man that sees obstacles only as a challenge that can be overcome.

Who is Branco?

Branco is an upcoming MC and song writer who’s  faced a ridiculously bumpy road and stands today as the man we know him to be. Branco picked up hip hop dancing classes as a 7 year old.  He found himself rapping out the lyrics to the songs as he  danced. As amazing as this was for family and friends entertainment it was not considered a potential career giving the firm Congolese upbringing.

Branco’s drive was put on display in 2007 when the (then) little boy  literally save the lives of his sister and brother from their burning second floor home in Maitland, Cape Town and not fearing to run back into the burning flames for he’s sound system before the house fell apart.

Branco has since followed his heart. winning rap and dance battles throughout high school. In 2008/9 he formed part of a rap crew that was rich in talent but fell short on drive.

Branco has gone on to achieved respectable success on his own over the last few years as a result of “night shift” investments on his music and craft. The man now has one EP out for distribution on digital platforms and he’s due to launch his most recent EP titled AWAKEN, on the 26th October 2018. Which is a projection of him and his life experiences that is just real and relatable at the same time!

Given his personal upbringing, experience and establishment, Branco has lined up with a non-profit organisation that rewards top art students on a primary school level in less privileged areas.


Branco was born in Congo ( Lubumbashi) by a Congolese mother and Gabonese father on the 4th of April 1993 and was raised in South Africa, Cape Town since 1998. He is the 3rd of 6 children and the first male. He is also known to not like flowers, except for 1 particular Rose that he adores.

His latest single ICY which dropped a few weeks ago – Link Listen to ICY by Branco on #SoundCloud

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