Musa Keys Brings The Heat Through His Hot 8 Track EP Called The Yanos

Musa Keys enthusiastically explains that his 8 Tracks EP, the Yanos narrates a beautiful story and that each song tells a different tale.

Track one has a funny story, it speaks about a man whose name is Kulenyane t that was cheating with one of the Yanos girlfriend. The backside story stems from a well known tale from an old song “Kulenyane”, which talks about a man that used to visit someones wife and got caught through his footsteps. The funny twist to this particular song is that, this man was not involved in any intimate relationship with the girl, he only came through to enjoy the nice Amapiano Jams that were being played at the house. 

Track Two is a continuation of the first track’s story. After realizing the affairs of the girl has been having, Cyfred explains in the song ,how meeting the girl in the club had been love at first sight. The same track leads us to the third track titled “Lets Go” 

Musa Keys

The third song touches on the vibe the pair were sharing in the club in the club this leads to a decision to go home. Harvey explains how he gets calls from random people asking for things when he’s having a good time. 

Track Four features the beautiful voice of Magistics. The song sings the girl’s praises and showers her with compliments.

Track five is a continuation of track four. The name of the song is called Heat Overload. It basically paints a picture of the overloaded heat in the room.

The story behind track 6 is about the first girl that was mentioned on the first track, the one that used to cheat and now all she wants it’s a good time. 

Track seven and eight touches on the love and support received from fans. “THEY ALWAYS SHOW LOVE, So we made songs for them.” said Musa Keys

The first single TheYanos released featuring Caltonic SA, sitting is now seating on over 100k views on YouTube