Ramses shares with SA Music Promo and South Africa his latest Production: Jungle(for a Duo called “THE SECRET RECIPE” ). Ramses explains that the inspiration behind the project came as a result of the hardships of the modern world for not only artists, “but for the everyday people who are trying to overcome various difficulties, in such a way that the world in which we find ourselves is a jungle,” he said

Ramses’ musical Journey started on a full time basis in 2016, prior to that he was a Bcom(Information Management) Student at the University of Johannesburg. He focused on his studies rather than music for a while and would go out on weekends to DJ at Roxy’s Melville.

He occasionally found himself throwing house parties at his then accommodation (commune) and a couple of res parties here and there. He decided to venture into producing after become a full-time player in the music industry. He had a composer friend who was also starting out in the industry; which is where THE SECRET RECIPE was born. Since they started working together they have released a few tracks that date back to their “wet behind the ears” composition/productions.

Ramses hasn’t had the privilege of having a mentor, but has been blessed with a competitive spirit which allows him to benchmark himself within the industry he has chosen to be a part of. Ramses explains that he chose to be an artist who learns from the industry as a whole rather than one individual, and the technology and effective access to the most successful people he looks up to such as (Randall Abrahams, Dj Fresh, Oskido, Kent, Black Coffee, Cassper, Reason, Dj Vigilante, Dj Dimples & Milkshake, KO & a few others). This allows him to be able to use this knowlesge advantage for growing within the industry.

Ramses iterates that his intention in the industry is to participate in, and shape the culture of music (Not limited to Dance or Hip-hop- which is what I predominantly produce) in SA, “in my own unique way that creates an imprint across the country and world at large, my short term goal is to collaborate with artists I can share a vision with on a creative level and transform that vision into something audible/tangible so that it ultimately aligns with my intention of impacting the culture of the music/product I create,” Said Ramses

He is currently working on promoting the latest single that he has produced, which ultimately trickles into promoting him as a producer within the industry. Ramses is trying out some new ideas for the next single that he plans to produce.

Ramses production can be found on iTunes or Sound Cloud tag- *The Secret Recipe* but for reference link to iTunes (Bit.ly/issajungle1) and soundcloud( www.soundcloud.com/thesecretrecipe).

You can connect with Ramse_Za on these handles:

Insta: @ramses_za
Twitter: @TSR_music
Facebook: Reneoue Ramses Kortjaas