Killer Kau Lets us know He Is Here To Stay With ‘After School EP’

Killer Kau has been condemned and painted to be a one-hit-wonder and he has proved this to be false. Killer Kau has released an epic EP titled – After School.

Killer Kau has been keeping busy in the studio whilst touring high schools doing shows and motivating students to stay in school and follow their dreams. All the while, making rounds on social media for allegedly stealing peoples tracks. The charasmatic entertainer kept his head down and worked hard at his music.

The Project is released under his production label SMEA, which has superfluity of creators.

Killer Kau wasted no time and set the record straight with his first track on the album Smea. This track puts an emphasis on Killer Kau’s success, both on his school work and his music. In the track, he asks “Bebathi soyaphi? bebathi sophelelaphi?” which translate to “Where did they think we’ll go?, Where did they think will end up?”. He also followed this up by letting them know that he passed; “u’Killer Kau u’passile”.

The EP does not have a specific genre and bounces from sound to sound. Which is completely expected from Killer Kau who shown a massive amount of talent and zeal.

Listening to the EP from front to back, it paints a story which can be followed from song to song. SA Music Promo wishes to congratulate Killer Kau on his first project.

Tracks to look out for

Smea (feat. G-snap)

Sandton (feat. JazziDisciples)

Joy (feat. G-Snap)(Bonus Track)

AFTER SCHOOL – is available on all major digital stores.

Download/ Stream Here.