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Kaleido Myuzik Turns A Playful Freestyle Into A Banging Hit With “Wamo tsiba ngwano”

KaleidoMyuzik shares with SA Music Promo how his playful freestyle with hommies turned into a banging hit.

He explains that it all came about in studio with the hommies, listening to beats and free-styling whilst some were just on their social media platforms. “I started freestyling, Cava Ngwano!!” Looking at a post on Facebook, Wamo tsiba ngwano”. Someone was like; Yo that’s the Song!” said KaleidoMyuzik

The banging hit was recorded. TCee-Smash did his the first verse and KaleidoMyuzik took the 2nd verse. MustaSolo who is , KaleidoMyuzik’s childhood friend and also fellow musician recorded the last verse on the song.

The talented artist explains that,all recording was done with perfection and was released a week later on the 7th April 2019.