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“You Are Made In God’s Image”; Says PM Tigger

PM Tigger is a new hip hop/trap artist in the South African music industry. He was born in Morokweng in the North West. He is currently residing in Johannesburg Gauteng.

His career in music began 3 years ago and recently he released his first album called Godly-Ish. The name iterates to human beings that they are beings made in the image of God, that they are made in the likeness of God or Godly-ish.

This album is available across all streaming platforms or visit for easy access.

The album includes tracks like ‘I Am Tigger’, ‘Jesus Stripes’, ‘SBT’ and Tigger’s native language tswana track called ‘Wakanda’.

For booking please do feel free to contact him on his instagram page PM Tigger”