Ray Da Problem Says Every Problem Is A Gift

Ray Da Problem says his name is unique because it holds his personal view on problems. Ray states that every problem is a gift, “without them we wouldn’t be able to grow.”

Ray’s journey in music started while he was in grade 11. Ray and a friend used to rush to their bedroom studio after school and touch base on some few verses. He only got to fully focus on his music after college as he had to focus on his studies prior. Ray has met many upcoming artists like himself to whom he had learnt a great deal, he reckons with this knowledge he can jump on to any genre, however his first love remains Hip Hop.

Ray says that he gets guidelines from his friends who have been in the game for a while, such as Dm Denlife.  He draws his influence artistically from the likes of YFN Lucci, Drake, Young doulph, Nasty C only to mention a few. Ray is currently working on a part time basis. His biggest job at the moment is the promotion of his music which he hopes reaches everyone in South Africa.

Ray is working on a project titled “After Graduation” it will consist of more than 6 tracks and will be dropping in July. Ray hopes for the release of the EP, to shoot 3 music videos and submit them to major TV channels such as Channel O and MTV Base. Ray is willing to work with other dope trap artist in Johannesburg . His current project features, Dm Denlife, Sybel angels who has worked with the likes of Da les, Donelly entertainment, Haps beats.