Gareth S’ Futuristic Sounds and Deep Mesmerizing Lyrics Will Have You Hypnotized In His New Single, “Elon Take Me To Mars.”

Have you ever wondered what the future looks like? Where humanity will end up,have we created our own destruction?  Futuristic Hip Hop artist Gareth S, poses these questions in his new single “Elon Take Me To Mars.”

Gareth S is a unique hip hop artist, He is not only a rap artist but he is also an entrepreneur and student life coach. CEO of his company “The Box Learning Studio”, he works with students and young people on a regular basis.

Gareth S –  Entrepreneur & Student Life Coach

Writing lyrics and producing beats for 12 years, he’s hard hitting dark, futuristic sounds and deep mesmerizing lyrics will have you hypnotized. He makes hes debut with he’s single “Elon Take Me To Mars”, the track encompasses he’s view of the planet, its future and explores the option of colonizing mars. We look forward to what this artist has to offer and what he will produce in the near future.     

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