KiD Platto publishes his 6th official music video titled PREY

KiD Platto publishes his 6th official music video titled PREY – Please Revolutionize Everyone’s Year.

PREY can be broken up into two themes; the first theme – PRAY. Prayer is Faith, and Faith without works is dead. KiD prays about his frustrations, offering himself as a demon slayer (preying on demons), informing the Omniscient being that a revolution is imperative before Revelations.

The second verse performed by YEZZIAH is themed PREY (if you don’t work, you don’t eat). As artists the NARTIANS fancy themselves predators in this concert jungle, Platto explains that; “hence the video is being shot during the evening in the city, preying to make it to the top of the food chain. For he who PREYs you can’t knock the hustle.”

Photo supplied: Kid Platto

The cover art for the PREY was crafted by the talented illustrator Kwezi Rameses. It features KiD Platto in the center of two Black Jesus figures.
Behind these figures is a pyramid with Indigo Soul engraved in the middle.
These 3 figures and the pyramid represent the holy trinity (The Father, the Son & the Holy Spirit). Platto believes that he is one with God and God is one with him. Jesus’s black skin and the Egyptian theme of the artwork represents Africa, the home of the hunter gatherers, the home of the predator. PREY / PRAY for Africa.

West Rand singer Renzo Bushings blesses the record with dark melodies to seal off the the final preyer.

The video was directed by KiD Platto and Andile Awesombuka. Video production and post production by Listen Much Louder Pictures.