Celebrating 365 days of Gratitude

SA Music Promo Turns 1

The SA Music Promo is celebrating 365 days of gratitude!  We had no idea how this venture would work out, but it has been very successful, both in giving artists an opportunity to place their brand on the market as well as allowing brands to reach a larger audience.

Surviving 1 year mean 1100+ promotions and satisfied customers. We are extremely grateful to be allowed into artists lives and personal space. We are humbled to have contributed to hundreds and thousands of daily promotions and brand activation.

Mr. Dube, founder and creative director of SA Music Promo explains that, in the beginning the journey was tough. The hard work required, to give full customer satisfaction, was occasionally accompanied by sleepless nights, unhealthy diet and sacrifices toward time, as well as an infringement on personal time. Mr. Dube expressed that helping people made sleep worthwhile at night.

 SA Music Promo is fortunate to have such a strong-willed and creative director as a leader who started channeling his passion as early as 10 years. Our desire as an organisation is to help local artists to reach their brand goals. To establish their fan base and help them create a market for their brand.

As technology evolves and people’s preferences change, we constantly strive to do better meeting the needs of our target audience in the process. We are truly grateful to the artists that has trusted us with their brands so far. We will continue to serve you with gratitude.  

SA Music Promo salutes all local content creators

SA Music Promo continues to celebrate SA Local Music and the artists that have sleepless nights and long days, all in the name of freshly produced quality music. SA Music salutes you and continues to be a pioneer in your success.