Azmic Wonder to Release new EP in November

Murendeni Munyai, better known by his stage name, Azmic Wonder, was born on 02 October 1995 in Tshiawelo, Soweto in Gauteng.

He is a South African rapper / songwriter with a burning desire to become a full-blown producer. Azmic Wonder, previously known as Tyger the Tyrant, was enrolled at Divine Kingdom Academy in Tshifulanani, Limpopo for six years and later at Sekano-Ntoane Secondary School in Senoane.

2014 – The Beginning

2014 was a big milestone year for Murendeni. This was the year he matriculated from Sekano-Ntoane Secondary School; He discovered his talent and love for rapping; He took a leap of faith and decided to pursue his love for the musical arts; This was also the year he met GrantAustins. All of this has encouraged him to broaden his footprint in the music industry, which he has up to now, done very successfully.

New Partnership

Azmic is currently unsigned, however, in early 2019, he got into a partnership with his long-time artist friend, Tiyani Austin Mhlongo, better known by his stage name GrantAustins.

GrantAustins describes himself as a musicalogist with the desire to produce any type of music; in a nutshell, he is not defined by any genre.

“Hearts Go Deep Sounds”

Azmic Wonder and GrantAustins have combined their talents and skills and have founded “Hearts Go Deep Sounds”. Together they are embarking on an artistic journey to place Tshiawelo on the music map. Their aim is to discover and grow local artists and to enrich their hometown.

The people of Tshiawelo are so proud of these two friends who have not forgotten their past and who want to enrich the lives of other young people who are from their hometown.

New Single Just Released

Be on the lookout for Azmic Wonder’s new single titled, “Had a Dream”. This was released two weeks ago and really doing wonders in the music industry.

At a 420 event earlier this year (with Metaphor Jackson)

New EP Going Live in November

SA Music Promo had a sneak preview into Azmic Wonder’s new EP. This one is not to be missed! Well done on your great achievements so early in your career, Murendeni!