Chrizzy, A True Inspiration!

A Little About Chrizzy

Mduduzi Christopher Masilela, better known as Chrizzy, short for Christopher, is 21 years old. He was born on the 23rd of April 1998 in Mulbarton, South of Johannesburg. Although he currently resides in the East in Palmridge (Katlehong), his heart will always be in the South!

He has a loving and supporting family, with his uncle being a musician in the 80’s. His uncle was the guitarist & singer in a group and he even wrote songs for the group. As a young kid Chrizzy heard the stories of how his uncle used to travel around South Africa and nearby African countries like Botswana and Swaziland. All the crazy stories of being a rockstar, performing late night shows, girls, touring and just having fun was so amazing and it was, and still is, a great inspiration to Chrizzy. It lit up a spark of fire within him as a young boy being close with his uncle. Chrizzy also wanted to do the same and this resulted in his big dream being formed.

Chrizzy’s uncle’s dream ended due to the group separating as well as personal reasons and egos within the group. Chrizzy decided to continue to live his uncle’s dream and to go onto new heights, wanting to achieve more & making his uncle proud of him.

“I vow to try my best and give it my all. I really hope I can make this DREAM A REALITY”

“I Fell in Love with Music”

Music has always been a part of the lives of Chrizzy and his family. Chrizzy was a shy kid, but he fell in love with music. He can feel it literally through his veins; an indescribable feeling you cannot ignore.

He started out writing poetry and some song lyrics at the time where everyone he was close to did music. Around 2011 / 2012, whilst in Mulbarton Primary School, his friends started rapping. This was the era of the YMCMB, like Chrizzy likes to call it. It all kind of began when everyone was swagging up, wanting to be cool, either by rapping or dancing. Crumping it was crazy but the culture was beautiful! Back then Chrizzy used to be known as young Chris, but he was too shy with a low self-esteem and thought that he wasn’t good enough as his friends were (and still are) just amazing. Chrizzy listened mostly to rap music back then and it was buzzing. Drake really influenced him a lot during that time, as well as Lil Wayne & Nicki Manji.

Difficult Times

2012 was a hard year because that was when he moved out of the South and went to the East to live in Palmridge (Katlehong) in the kasi – his uncle’s place. A whole lot of things happened leaving his friends and he could not handle it to start high school in a new place. He begged and pleaded with his familyif he could still attend school in the South. His family realised how unhappy he was and they finally agreed.

He then went to Glenvista High School with all my friends. This was the time where he realised that the Kasi life and the suburb life are two very different types of lifestyles. He started understanding the hustle at a young age and in 2013 he had to change his rap name to Chrizzy as there was another American rapper by the name of Young Chris who was famous at the time. The name Chrizzy stuck and everyone loved it!

Better Times

2014 was a better year, even though he was still shy he continue rapping. In High School people only knew Chrizzy for his poetry. 2015, Grade 10, he was inspired by the urge to want people to hear him as he was missing his baby sister, Thato, who passed away a couple of years earlier and who shared the same birthday. This really motivated Chrizzy as she wanted him to give music a go, as she knew that music is everything in his life.

First Solo

When 2016 came he released his first solo track titled¬†“April 23rd” and it was dedicated to his baby sister, Thato. People were surprised that Chrizzy can rap. A few months later he released the biggest song around the South titled “South Calls”. This was the song were Chrizzy’s confidence got boosted. Everyone took note and noticed that this young boy is extremely talented. He realised that this was his passion and his calling. SInce then Chrizzy has been pushing & hustling “DREAM CHASING.

Performing Artist

In 2017 Chrizzy was busy with Matric and performing at a few gigs, which really built up his confidence and lit up the fire in his soul even more and encouraged him to never give up. His family was so extremely proud of him, especially his uncle who did not realise Chrizzy has this hidden talent.

First Radio Play

In 2018 he was first heard on the radio on an online radio station. It was indeed a proud moment for Chrizzy and his entire family!

He released a couple more songs but lacking studio time as it was not always possible to travel to the South whenever he wanted to record. He then obtained his own equipment and built his own studio in his room, which is still in progress. He released yet another new song, “Conflict with Depression”, which was a hit in the Kasi mostly and also in the South. It is a motivational song as the youth was dying and still is from this virus. He wanted to be heard to motivate and inspire people by telling them that they are not alone. The feedback was absolutely amazing with some people being negative, but the best part was when a girl, who survived after slitting her wrists, heard his song and told him how he saved her. For Chrizzy this was the best feeling ever. This is the way, through his music, in which he wants to reach people’s hearts and souls.

First Magazine Feature

Chrizzy got featured in an upcoming magazine, yet another proud moment.

Now in 2019 he has recently released his biggest song yet. It is called “Harley, I’ll Be Your Joker“. He received over 2,000 streams on Sound Cloud and it is still growing and receiving feedback from top new wave artists and managers; An absolute amazing feeling. His sound is different and unique and he wants to grow with his craft to make something extra ordinary and magical.¬†
Poetry will always be his first love in together with his music.

“I’m poetic & also in my raps too. I’m a hip hop artist, but now I have found I’m also good at trapsoul & that’s my actually genre something soulful to hit the heart. “

Chrizzy has turned into a very good singer, not the greatest, but working on being versatile in every track that he does. His aim is to get better and better and to unlock a new level of his creativity and to connect with his fans to make them enjoy his music, as he wants to be true to himself and not to follow some trend.

His Motivation for the Future

Some of the artists who have influenced him to be the artist that he is today are Drake & The Weekend, 6Lack and Bryson Tiller as he loves their sound. Locally he enjoys Kwesta as he loves how Kwesta can be so hardcore spitting fire and in the next track he is just playing around making people dance. The most important person is his mother as she keeps believing in him and she means everything to him. Together he also has the support of my family.

Where to Find Chrizzy

You can find links to his music on SA Music Promo, Soundcloud, SlikouronLife, Audiomack & At the rate the Chrizzy is getting popularity and growing in the music industry, SA Music Promo believes that Chrizzy will be featuring on a lot more places soon. Well done on all your achievements, Chrizzy and continue to inspire, especially young, people.