HoodBaby – School Boy Rapper Turns Loss to Triumph

Merveille Mhlongo, a 17-year-old musician, from Kempton Park on the East Rand, better known as HoodBaby is a great rapper. Last year HoodBaby experienced the tragic death of his loving father and it resulted in him going through a terrible depression.

This young rapper turned to music therapy and it helped him through this very difficult time in his life.

HoodBaby has an urge to heal others who are going through similar sadness and depression through his music. He has now released his debut single titled “Good Nights”, that has already featured on the air waves. This song is about people having a good night and enjoying themselves, as the next day is never guaranteed.

HoodBaby’s dad was the sole bread winner and he fell to his death from the top of a staircase. It left HoodBaby traumatized,

“To make matters worse some family members turned their backs on us and we had no one to help us as my mother was unemployed.”

Nevertheless his mother tried her best to take good care of him. At some point in time, HoodBaby became extremely depressed as they could no longer even afford food. The landlord threatened to kick them out of their house. His mother did everything in her power to ensure their survival. She sold some of their belongings for them to afford the basic necessities.

“It was during this time that I would find solace by listening to my favourite rapper, Lil Wayne. “

This grade 11 pupil has always wanted to be a musician from as far back as he can remember. HoodBaby started recording music on his phone at the young age of 12. He uses the time after school and on weekends to focus on his passion for music.

HoodBaby is planning to compile and release a full album during next year. SA Music Promo is really proud of this young boy who has made it through a very tough time and who has now turned around his depression into triumph by helping others with similar experiences. Well done HoodBaby! Follow him on Instagram and SoundCloud. You will hear a lot about him in the near future.