KHXMTRAIL – “2023” Released

KHXMTRAIL is currently from the south of Johannesburg – Naturena. He was, however, born in Swaziland and he is a trap music artist.

In early 2018, KHXMTRAIL started his music career and together with his friends they formed a group called Vlly Gang.

His love and passion for music stems from when he used to skate on a skateboard. This taught him to appreciate every type of genre.

“Honestly I’m in love with new age music. I just love everything relating to the new age”

First Single and EP

KNXMTRAIL’s first single was titled “Nothing Less” and he released the music video on YouTube. His first official EP was released in December 2018 and dropped his first official EP in June 2019.

KHXMTRAIL’s biggest dream is for South Africans to support new local artists by actually following them on social media, commenting on any of their posts and attending their shows. He feels that people from South Africa mostly support artists from other countries, instead of supporting local artists and be proudly South African.

Latest Project

“2023” is what you need to be on the lookout for. This song has recently been released on Soundcloud.

SA Music Promo is proudly South African and is following KHXMTRAIL on Instagram.