ChildishPlay Making Headway into the Main Stream

Childish Play is a 4 member hip hop group with their members being:

  • Yamez
  • Trevor LC
  • Jaydee
  • Koby Shaun

These Durban bred young talented artists are making headway into the main stream through their passion for music. Their energy and music is associated but not limited to trap music.

In the Beginning

In primary school, they started off as a Gqom dance group called Lunatic Boys, but to to  separation as Lunatic boys went to different high schools, they lost contact and the dancing died a sudden death. 


Being crazy about entertainment and wanting to fulfill their dreams, they decided to try out new categories, such as acting and presenting, which they took very seriously as they were scouted by a company called “Umzulu Media” to help them grow as actors and presenters, especially as presenters.

While they were in Grade 8, they planned to start their own show called “FUTURE STARS”. The aim of the show was to be a hit and that it would help a lot of upcoming talents to have a fan base and to be scouted on the show.

Never Bet with ChildishPlay

In 2013, Koby Shaun, Yamez and Jaydee created the concept of Childish Play. It started off as a bet with the rest of their friends, after they were told that they would never be able to record.

Their first track did not have many accolades, however, they attracted some attention and gained a small fan base. They even released two EPs, the first was called “Childish Games” and the second one called “New Impressions”. The second EP had the hit track “Saucing” which was recognized by the 031 underground hip hop community and that gained a lot of love from high schools around KZN.

Roxy Gang

In 2017 they signed a management deal with Wozobona PR and Marketing and since then they made the banger “Roxy Gang”. This really created a wave for them due to the vibe it brought to crowds and they even had a few radio interviews with Gagasi, Metro and Vukani FM. A few radio DJs and performing DJs added Roxy Gang to their hip hop playlist, but best of all, it was recognized in the US by up and coming artist from there. They recently signed a distribution deal with Ditto Music, hence the reason they are OFFICIALLY releasing the song.

First Song

In 2014 they recorded their very first song titled “We just living life”. It was a hit and many people showed love and motivated them to carry on composing music. These people believed that they could really make it into the main stream and be the best hip hop group to make it in SA. It was such an inspiration to ChildishPlay that the fell deeply in love with music.

Fourth Member

Before Trevor LC became a member of the group, ChildishPlay also had a female member named “Thati”. Unfortunately she relocated to Pretoria in 2015 and they have not heard of her again. Then in 2015 they met Trevor LC who always motivated them to carry on doing what they ere doing as he also believed that they could make it big into the hip hop scene. ChildishPlay saw potential in Trevor LC as an artist as he also wanted desperately to be part of the group. They invited and welcomed him with open arms to be part of the team. They have become a solid team, who are now “family/brothers” and who are always striving to do better through their music career.

They have performed in many prestigious events such as; the Durban July – Mother Of All Parties, Woz’edurban Picnic, Kwadukuza Festival amongst others. 

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