Cheesy Moscow Nominated for 6 Categories in Music Awards

Sad Beginnings

Moses Sibeyi, aka Cheesy Moscow, was born in Bela Bela on 9 October 1998 and when he was only 2 years old, they moved to Nooigedaght, a farm outside Naboomspruit. Moses lived with his single mother, who worked on the farm as a housekeeper and they visited his sisters once a year in Makhado. Moses did not really have friends, but in December friends and family of the other farm workers came to visit.

They had no television on the farm, and Moses and his loving mother listened to the radio most of the time. The owners of the farm only came home to South Africa in the Summer time. The farm owners slowly became his guardians because they did everything for him and took Moses almost everywhere they went. They took Moses to a school in Naboomspruit where 99℅ of the kids where white. Moses was raised by the farm owners like a white boy who had beautiful manners. Moses adapted to their ways and became comfortable with the life they believed suited him, however, things got harder and harder for him, because he slowly became a different person who had two characters; one who everybody loved to be around and the other who loved to be around his mother, family and friends. It was really very difficult for Moses to be two people.

In his second grade, Moses’s mother became very sick and it changed his whole life. His mother was such a gentle and caring soul that she easily shed tears. That made Moses very sad and heart broken.

It was during that time that the farm owners asked Moses to eat with them, whilst his mother had to eat outside. It resulted in loss of respect for his mother as Moses saw her as the housekeeper. The farm owners really cared for Moses and convinced him that his mother could not take care of him in the way that they could. They took Moses away from her and he stayed at “Die Oog Warm Bath” (Rondalia). During this time, his sisters moved into the township in Naboomspruit and he visited them every Tuesday, but he saw his mother only on soem weekends.

Moses started spending less time with his mother even when he was at the farm he would see her only occasionally. He spent most of his time on music. Emotional music would bring him so much joy and peace. It was during this time that Eminem really inspired him a lot because Eminem always spoke of his problems and the things that troubled him. That was something that Moses also wanted to do but he was unable to do so as he was taught to be grateful and he felt too ashamed to ever complain.

Excellent Achievements

Moses completed primary school with an excellent attendance record. Since day one of school, he was only absent for 4 days!! Moses started with rugby and was part of the second team. They beat Waterburg at the district final and he then played as flank for the first team. Moses really made everyone very proud! He also ran cross-country and won a couple of medals and certificates. If you think that Moses was only at school for sport, you are way off. Moses was awarded as the best student / performer in their grade 7 class. Moses was an all-round success!

Moses started high school and moved out of Rondalia to the township as the farm was sold to a strawberry couple from Pretoria. Unfortunately this was an even more difficult time for his mother, as she had to work really hard to please the new farm owners who were not the nicest people. They treated her like a slave and Moses could not do a thing to help his mother. His mother’s illness became more severe and this resulted in her losing her job. She visited the department of labour who had no record of her working career and they could not help her.

Luckily for Moses, the previous farm owners still looked after him. While playing soccer Moses made a new friend, Jimmy. They soon became best friends as they had the same taste in music. Jimmy became part of the family as he usually slept over and they would listen to music until very late.

In grade 11, Moses met Elson Blue as they walked the same way home.   Moses asked Elson about a guy in the township whose music he had been admiring a lot. Elson informed Moses that that guy produces music. Moses told Elson that his friends want to record a song and after school they went to see how it was done.

First Recording

He convinced Moses that he has the talent to be an artist. Moses and his friends recorded a freestyle which was mind blowing and it was where he got his name. When they switched the backwards, it said “That’s Young Cheezy”.

Moses and his friends, Jimmy (Mistry Ink) and Joseph (G.I Joe) formed a clan called “Underdogs”. The group fell apart due to lack of communication and connections for performance together with some other matters.

After a few months Moses was introduced to Uncle Sam by Jimmy. Jimmy was not such a good influence on Moses anymore and as it affected Moses’s education. Their friendship suffered due to this.

First Single

Moses decided to record his first single which surfed through the whole township and everyone started putting their hopes on Moses. That same year, Moses and Uncle Sam created their first song together. It drove them into Modimolle when they performed it at Mohapi.

More Successes

Later they dropped a Salaminah and it was all over social media. It made them realise that they need to do even better and they started their own group, “Dope Brats”. As luck would have it, in 2018 they were employed by the same coampany and life was all good as they had money to go everywhere and promote themselves.

2019 did not start well as they lost their jobs and Moses’s mother passed away. Times are tough but Moses and Uncle Sam are really trying their best to get jobs, but while searching for jobs, they were still promoting their music, realising that their hard work will surely pay off – and it did!!!

In an exclusive interview with Moses, he said the follwoing: –

“This year I’ve been doing very good with my music. I managed to get nominated on six categories in the Modimolle and Mookgopong Music Awards because of an EP I dropped on the 10th of June called ‘Dreams X Nightmare’s’ and because I dropped a music video on the song that everybody was so crazy about. I’m still doing my best every single day to achieve all my dreams, as I believe hard work forever pays!”

SA Music Promo is very proud of this young achiever and we are confident that you will hear a lot on Cheezy Moscow in the future. Watch this space!!