Prince Dbeera

Mawethu Matebese, better known as Prince Dbeera was born and raised in the township of Mdantsane, East London in the Eastern Cape. From  a very young age, he always loved music.

Starting His Career

In 1993 he realised that his talent is with HIP HOP / RNB. This was when he started creating his own compositions and he started performing.

Prince Dbeera is known as a Rapper / Singer / Song-writer / Producer and has been involved in a couple of released projects as a member, a recording artist, a song writer and a music composer. This was between 2002 and 2014 when he was part of his former groups, namely Blackstone, Rhyme Squad and Manskap.

Releases Over Time

In 2007 and with over 25 years of experience of crafting his art he released a HIP HOP mixtape called “King Vunqela”. From this mixtape, his song “Tsotsi Lingo” received airplays in national and community radio stations. He shared his passion with the crowds through live performances around the country sharing the stage with other well known acts. In 2014 it was time for another single and he released “Mpilo Yama-Hustler”. This single came from an unreleased project called “Re-Birth”. In the first week of beign released. it had over 2000 downloads in the digital platform.

“Miracles Ahead” Coming Soon!

In 2019 his long awaited debut album was recorded with the assistance of Felon Entertainment. The album is called “Miracles Ahead” consists of 19 songs and features the likes of Simbone, Thix’Unathi, Prince Harmony, Cebo Afrosoul, Pzho, Kweriez, LasNumber, Hooba and Drizzle Dollar (based in Atlanta, U.S.A.). On music production is Prince Dbeera himself, Gunzo, Prince Harmony, Hasty South, Mukersoul Pro, Vandal Chaos and Mr Bura. Recorded and engineered by Akhona Gege at Bhlakboi Studios. This album will be released n November 2019.

“Huster’s Love” is a single from the upcoming album and has already received a very warm reception from the airwaves and fans. Prince Dbeera is still an unsigned artist, however appears courtesy of Felon Entertainment.

“While writing “Shooting Star” – which is out on Joox, My Muze and radio stations – I was inspired by my long walk in the underground Hip Hop scene as a diamond in the rough, destined to shine once out and crafted to perfection. Too many obstacles along my music journey hitherto, so the song is a form of self motivation and prayer to keep moving forward and hopefully it will serve as a shield to others to propel and pursue their interests and dreams. I’m more than convinced I was born to accomplish a certain music mission, so I will execute it with full force and not settle for less. Not even the sky will limit me, that is why I only see Miracles Ahead!”

SA Music Promo is very proud of Prince Dbeera‘s achievements and hard work. Be on the lookout for “Miracles Ahead” as you will love it!