Cheezy Moscow’s Strength Shows not only the Ability to Persist, but the Ability to Start Over

“I wrote this song when I left my girl, because I realized she was getting comfy with some boy at her school.

At first I didn’t believe it, but the second time a nigga saw that shit, I left her for this chick who was into me.

She was thinking all the time I was cheating her ass, because her dumb ass friends came up with these stupid lies bout me sleeping with some girls.”

“I did a few mistakes before, but I always fixed my mess. Her friends drove her to some crazy shit and I had to be happy too. I couldn’t stand it, so I was always with my gang in our little studio, where we mostly write our songs. Rehearsed our stuff and do all the drugs, weed, lean, and some that I cannot mention.
Then I started feeling like this Is the life I belong to. Not romance,  Romeo and Juliet stuff but just eating some pussy and being with the homies doing music.” 


“So, basically heartache doesn’t define my personality, but it expresses the emotions and vulnerability I was going through at that exact time. 
I loved her and I had to leave her for someone who didn’t necessarily put pressure on me when it came to loving them.
Because also my time management wasn’t working out. The music and I was working mostly over-time.” 

My Girl

Lyrics: Heartache(lyrics) by Cheezy Moscow 

(Hook) I don’t wanna fall in love, That shit only tears me apart I got too addicted to the drugs I’m no longer playing with heart ×2 Huh uh uh ×2. I’m no longer playing with my Huh uh uh×2  I’m no longer playing with my Huh uh uh
Verse: It was love at first sight/she always chose my side, never had to worry but a nigga living right yeah. Never had to worry I was always saving time. If you listened to my story you would never ever wife She’s my type, she’s my life “yeah” Always on my mind. If a nigga disrespect me I’d be on to take his life “eh” I got so surprised I got played twice. Rolled like a dice thrown away like a diaper. Its funny how I like her. She gimme migraine on high grade.  Ama take her life, pass me the rifle Pass me the pistol Before I set a missile My heart she broke she just rot it with her system. 

The girl that played the part of my girl in the music video

Bridge: [Bitches (broke your heart) x2. There’s another one that ain’t what I want, what I want is impossible] x4
Huh uh uh x5 Huh uh.
(Hook) I don’t wanna fall in love, that shit only tears me apart I got too addicted to the drugs I’m no longer playing with heart ×2 Huh uh uh×2 I’m no longer playing with my Huh uh uh ×2 I’m no longer playing with my Huh uh uh

Back Together and Very Happy

They finally got back together and they now have a baby boy whose name is Oraen.

SA Music Promo wishes Cheezy Moscow and his new family all the best for the future and we are looking forward to a new album soon.