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CaptainCPT Is Surprising Us With Another Banger

Born and raised in Cape Town, CaptainCPT was always fascinated by South African culture and the music that our country produces. “My childhood was pretty normal, but as entered high school I found myself drawn to rap music and rap culture, poetry was also one of my strong points which made English class my favourite. The music started to play a big role in my life and I soon began to write raps and rap in front of all my friends which eventually earned me the name Captain. After high school I took the music more seriously, I started producing my own beats and going to studio, I recorded my first track ‘The Rise’ 21st February 2017 at Cosher Studios, which has been well received by the public. Over the years I have been recording various songs and I am currently working on my debut album as my first collection of music. My message is hope and my goal is spread that message of hope, peace and love throughout the world”, says CaptainCPT.

Captain CPT Performing At HolyTrap show

Speaking of positivity, CaptainCPT dropped a December jam titled “Focused”. He is emphasizing the importance of “focus” in life and most importantly, in music. South Africans easily lose focus in the industry since a lot of genres are evolving and the current genres upgrades their enhancements but CaptainCPT is still focused in his own music style with the vibe of Cape Town rap.

Switch Lanes by CaptainCPT: