Port Elizabeth’s up coming Future Star to be expected in 2020

Hlomla Mpongoshe, one of Port Elizabeths very own Hip Hop artist sparks a vision to open up more doors for his hometown and it’s talented upcoming stars” 

Hlomla Mpongoshe, a 22 year old artist who goes by the stage name Jay Monster is a well known award winning Hip Hop artist in his City. The rappers love for music started at the age of 14, after a sad passing of his mother (May her soul rest easy in eternity). He started using music as an escape mechanism to express his feelings and emotions of how he felt. He then shared few profound words of encouragement of how he keeps focus. He said; “If you know with complete absence of doubt that what you are doing is consistent with your purpose, then you are at peace with yourself and in harmony with your own mission”. The young artist lives by and practice those words to keep a steady mind ahead. 

Although his life was never about the music, he also found Entrepreneurship and Law of Justice fasinating. His passion for politics drived him into studying Law in The University of South Africa. He said “the world would be a better place if only the law of Albert Einstein was to be practiced. The law of Imagination and knowledge” he then had a change of mind when his passion for sound and good music grew within him. The young artist grew and made a name for himself. Jay Monster became prominence after the release of his debut Mixtape “The come up” which had major hit, influencing the wave of his hometown. All the songs on his mixtape gave people hope and faith that they are not alone. That we all experience the same pain, love and hate. 

Late 2016, the South African Hip Hop magazine noticed the talented artist and published Hlomla Mpongoshe as the Fresh Prince of Eastern Cape. He then released his second project called “Life in color” early 2017 and got gigs to share stages with the biggest sharks in the Music industry. 

This year his team is launching an event called the Bay Music Festival. Targeting a mass of audience who wishes to be amongst vibrant and free energies. It will be one Creative turn up Port Elizabeth has ever seen or ever been in. This year his goal is to grow Future Star Entertainment record label into the most versatile company ever put together by his team. 

Hlomla Mpongoshe is still not sleeping on his vision of growing and becoming bigger and better in his work of field. With helps of tenders and sponsors, that would be a dream come true for him and his team. To make Port Elizabeth well known for its true embrace. It being the love for good music. He concluded by saying “The leaders were the artists, writers, and musicians who lis- tened to their hearts and souls and expressed what they heard”.

He had recently shared stages with big acts with a massive performance. We’re expecting more from him this year. With his upcoming Debut Album , we wish him all the best in Putting Port Elizabeth on the Map.