Flowmaster Vex Wins Best New Comer at the Golden Stars Awards

28 December 2019 is the day to remember for Flowmaster vex as he scooped his first ever award at the 2nd Annual of the Golden Stars Awards. These awards are made to recognise the growing talent in Bushbuckridge.

He was nominated for Best Van rap for his hit single “Xigubu”, nominated for best Hip hop artist for his hit single ” Cheese Lovha” and he was also nominated for Best new comer for his hit single “Poppin”, He then managed to scoop the Best New Comer Award with Poppin for 2019. He thanks God for this winner, because he believes that his talent is God given and it must be shared with the world.

He gurentees that this is not the end of Flowmaster vex he has announced that he will be dropping a mixtape and an EP in 2020, “Smooth Criminal Mixtape” & “Certified Cheese Lovha” respectively, with a song titled: “Te Amo” a love song to drop this February, a single from the EP that promises to set the tone for the year.For more about Flowmaster vex check out www.vexyworldwide.co.za