Najma Williams Is Underrated With 1 Million Music Streams

Who Is Najma Williams?

Najma Williams is a very talented South African singer-songwriter all the way from Free State but currently staying in Gauteng, Pretoria. She is mostly known for creating international music sound on genres of Alternative RnB & Trap Soul. She can even play instruments such as a guitar and an acoustic keyboard since she is a vocalist. As an artist, she is inspired by Jhene Aiko.


What About Her Music Rotations?

Najma Williams love doing song covers of her favourite songs and her favourite artists on her YouTube channel & Instagram page. She has been receiving a very positive feedback lately and got her radio interview on R1WRadio around January 2020.

Najma is also good to a point whereby her music is not localized. Her music listeners are more international due to her music sound. In 2019, she just surpassed over 1,000,000 (1 million) music streams on her SoundCloud. Her current most streamed song on SoundCloud is “Need You” with close to 500,000 streams and being followed by “Stay” with over 200,000 streams, making it her second most streamed song. On January 2020, she released a new song, “Hustle” featuring 2K Beats and it’s already on almost 10,000 streams.


What Can The World Expect From Najma In 2020?

Najma Williams said that she is now planning to take her music career more serious by attempting to be on more platforms – TV, radio, newspaper and etc. This will also help her journey to the mainstream to be closer as it will help her to be well known even on social media, especially Instagram.